Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You won’t need a graphics card with the new Intel Core i7 Processor “Kaby Lake”

The new Intel Core i7 codenamed "Kaby Lake" will redefine and push the limits of gaming and video rendering.
Image credits: DigitalTrends

When one talks about hardcore gaming and video rendering, one cannot take away the need to associate a combination of a powerful CPU and graphics cards. But what if you meet a processor that is so powerful, you will not need a graphics card to decode even a 4K video with ease? Such is the case with the new Intel Core i7 processor codenamed “Kaby Lake”.

The power of the new Intel Core i7 processor was demonstrated at the IDF 2016 San Francisco by the Intel CEO Brian Krzanich on a Dell XPS. Kaby Lake was more than capable of handling a gameplay of Overwatch at maximum settings and display a considerable ease decoding 4K GoPro videos.

Initially, Intel planned on releasing Cannon Lake, the first of their 10nm processors. Such plan was put off for later to give way to the last of the 14nm processors which, by the way, is surprising us with a record-breaking performance.

Integrated graphics chipsets from Intel have failed to give us what we need for years. Although they have been pretty much useful with assisting graphics related tasks, when it comes to hardcore video rendering, a powerful graphics card is still required.

The release of the “Kaby Lake” will put pressure on the advancement of the graphics card technologies. The new Intel Core i7 processor will begin a chain reaction that will push and redefine the boundaries and limits of video rendering and gaming.

As the number of transistors double per square inch each year (Moore’s Law) and as Intel processors transcend the 10nm domain, expect more powerful processors in the future.

The new Intel Core i7 processor will hit the market later this year and is expected to be received by enthusiasts and professionals with extreme anticipation.

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