Saturday, August 27, 2016

Meet the first Pokémon Go master to catch all Pokémon

Ahmed Ali is the first Pokémon Go master to catch all pokemon

While you break a sweat, hopping from one place to another and hoping to get ahold of a new Pokémon, someone from the East London has already caught all 145 Pokémons that are currently catchable. He’s earned himself the title of a Pokemon Go master and he’s a proof that it can be done. You better gotta catch ‘em all, then.

Earlier on July, a man from New York was reported to have completed his North American Pokédex by catching all 143 Pokémons that are catchable in the US. He failed to catch the three regional Pokémons that are only catchable outside US: Kangaskhan (Australia and New Zealand), Mr. Mime (Europe) and Farfetch’d (Asia).

Complete North American Pokédex from Pokémon Go with 142 Pokémons

Ahmed Ali, 23, is the first known Pokémon fan and Pokémon Go to have ever caught 145 Pokémons making him the first official Pokémon Go master to have (nearly) caught all Pokémons. Currently, only the first generation Pokémons are said to be catchable in Pokémon Go.

Mewtwo, mew, ditto and the legendary Pokémons Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos are said to be uncatchable this time. Perhaps, you can only try, you’ll never actually gotta catch ‘em all.
Ahmed recently graduated from Queen Mary University with a degree in mathematics. A few months later, the game was officially released to the market and he got the chance to play the game. He has a lot of time doing so because his work doesn’t start yet until September this year.

He was so obsessed, he even flew to places, including America, just to complete his Pokédex. He admitted that while the experience was fun, his parents were displeased and considers what he did an awful waste of time.

Pokémon Go is based on the popular game of Nintendo, Pokémon, with the motto: gotta catch ‘em all. The main goal of the game for now, is to catch all Pokémon. Catching all Pokémon, then, is considered to be a great feat for Pokémon Go players and Pokémon fanatics.

While all rare Pokémons are yet to be offered, either through an event or something similar, 145 is the standard for Pokédex completeness.

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