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How to Track Phone In Case of Theft (Android)

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Rampant poverty, especially in third world countries, has prompted those who are destitute to seek all possible means of survival. Among the most common is mobile phone theft. Phones could be stolen with or without your notice. As most phones today contain a person's necessary files and data including their contacts, schedules, and credentials, a phone loss could be traumatic and emotionally upsetting.

Fortunately, Google offers a way for Android phone users to track a cell phone, make their phones ring (in case the phone is within the area and the owner would like to expose the thief), lock the phone to restrict access or erase their personal files.

How to find your phone's IMEI

  1. Keep a record of your IMEI. Every phone has a unique International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number which will help you identify your phone. Although IMEI can't be used to track a cell phone, this will help you prove (establish) ownership to the phone. Keep a record of it or keep the box containing it. The IMEI is usually located at inside the back of the phone after you remove the battery. 
  2. Register and maintain a Google account. You need to have a working Google account. It should be the same account that you used to register your phone (or your Google Playstore). Remember, without this information, it is almost impossible to track a cell phone that was stolen or lost.
  3. Download Android Device Manager to your Phone. This step is optional. It doesn’t help you trace your phone in case it got lost but it will help you trace where it currently is. You can download Android Device Manager via the Google Play Store.
  4. Enable location access in your device. Navigate to Settings>Location Services and enable Access to my location. Although location services consumes battery power, enabling it can help you track phone easily after it was stolen or lost.
  5. Report loss to the police. Before attempting to track phone, file a report to the authorities establishing your ownership to the phone using your IMEI and other documents and supplying other necessary information such as the date and location of incidence.
  6. Log-in to Google. To locate your phone, log-in to Google device manager. You will see a list of your registered devices. You can locate, lock, erase or ring your phone.
  7. Enlist the help of an authority/a police before confronting the thief. Never confront the thief alone. Inform the local police about locating your phone using Google Device Manager and have  them confront the thief once located.
  8. Spread this information. Inform as many as you can about this. Not only will you protect them from theft, it will also warn thieves of the danger of stealing an Android phone that is registered to Google.

Hope this helps! Smile

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