Saturday, May 4, 2013

Solution to: “Runtime Error: File c:\*.bmp not found” in Liberty Basic Workshop

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For some beginner programmers who would like to jumpstart their programming skills by writing their first programs using their customized buttons (or bitmap files), they will find, that the process is more than just simply referencing the file.

Sometimes, an error, like the above crops up even if you inserted (or used) the bitmap  file with the use of  Liberty Basic Workshop or the built-in Free Form.

A simple solution to this would be:
TO CHANGE THE NAME OF THE BITMAP FILE, usually reducing it to at most 4 characters. Say, from “calculate.bmp” to “calc.bmp” or “cal.bmp”.
Hope this helps. =)

Note: Usually, another problem crops up, particularly if the *.bmp file is create using Adobe Photoshop—the “Runtime Error: index: 5781 is outside of collection bounds” error.

For the solution, refer to:

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