Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Delete Windows XP Mode Base.vhd


I installed Windows XP mode on my Windows 7 for me to experience Windows Virtual Environment. However, I found out that, as much as it consumes a lot of RAM, it also requires (and consumes) a lot of disk space. I uninstalled the program via “Programs and Features” under Control Panel and found out later that files inside the folder “Windows Virtual Machines” of the folder “Program Files” contain file “Windows XP Mode Base.vhd” at more than 1 Gb. However, I found that the conventional Shift + Del command cannot remove the file.

Here’s how:

  1. Press “delete”. This will move the file from the folder to the recycle bin.
  2. Instead of emptying the recycle bin which will “remove the file from the list of files inside the bin but will actually retain the actual file in the actual folder, use CCleaner to empty recycle bin.
  3. Voila, 1 Gb of more of your disk space is restored—ready to be stored with a lot more valuable data.

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  1. only system has control over the file using Win7 64 bit, - cannot delete the files - please help