Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Disk Errors, Computer Malfunction and Startup Problem

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Given: Operating System – Windows XP SP3

Problems are:

1. While the user was still logged on to Windows, he noticed odd behavior patterns while opening MS Word (odd patterns not specified),
2. The world calendar and other desktop icons are removed,
3. Windows reboots 2 minutes after a complete startup, and
4. Problem number 3 occurs only when Windows is started in standard mode. Problems does not manifest when Windows is started in Safe Mode.


1. My idea is that your computer has disk errors which affected some files in your hard drive including those that are needed for a normal startup (say drivers which are not normally loaded when booting up in safe mode).
2. Questions: Has your computer been shut off forcefully by a power interruption? Have you checked your disk for errors in the past few days or weeks or months or years?
3. In this analysis, we are ruling out the workings of a computer malware (virus, trojan, worm, etc.,) Do you have an updated antivirus program? Have you checked for viral indications?
1. Assuming that the computer’s problem is not caused by a malware, then there is a huge chance that the problem is simply caused by a disk error. To repair this:

a. Boot in safe mode with command prompt. To access the options, press F8 before windows startup.
b. On command prompt, type the drive letter in which your OS is installed. Say C:, so you’ll type C: and hit enter.
Normally, however, you don’t have to do this because the drive letter, by default, is typed into command prompt.
c. type in CHKDSK /F into the command prompt box and hit ENTER.
d. You will then be notified that CHKDSK cannot run on the disk because it is in use


Press Y and hit ENTER to schedule disk check on next restart.
e. Restart your computer.
f. Wait.
g. Boot in NORMAL MODE and see if problem is solved.
h. Hope it helps.

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