Monday, August 8, 2011

Speed-up Windows 7: Tip # 1 - Limit the Number of Startup Programs

I have seen many computers wherein there are many programs opened (displayed in the taskbar and in the notification area) and if I ask the owners if they opened them or if they knew what the programs are, all I get is a "shrug" and a "no, I don't know" answer. Most importantly, most of the people I asked said they didn't even start the program or, worse, want to start the program in the first place.

Because of this, most often than not, those people are probably those people who complain about slow computers and that they blame everything to a viral infection. While some of them are actually right about a malware activity slowing down the performance of their computers, some, and the majority of it, are wrong. Their computer are slow because multiple programs run in the background without them knowing it.

Here are some simple steps to disable programs that starts when you start (boot) your computer  without using a third party application:

1. Press Windows Logo Key + R (Or click "Start" and type "Run" and open it).
2. Type the word "msconfig" without the quotation marks.

3. A window will open that looks like the picture below. Click the "Startup" tab.

4. Click the checked box next to applications that you don't want to start when your computer starts to disable them at startup.

5. Take caution when deleting startup entries, however. You don't want to delete entries such as:
     a. Antivirus Programs,
     b. Audio/ Video Drivers with added services,
     c. Hard disk/Processor driver/accelerator software.
6. Sometimes, you will see entries of malwares as they are easily distinguishable from other valid entries. Here are some hints:
    a. They have random names,
    b. They have the same name as a valid application, only misspelled, and
    c. They reappear after you delete them (if you check startup again after reboot)

Hope this helps. =)

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