Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Make Music Files Louder - How to Normalize MP3, WAV, etc.,

Make Music Files Louder - How to Normalize MP3, WAV, etc.,

Music files, particularly those that are downloaded from P2P sites, are sometimes not loud enough. This may be true also to those music files ripped from old tapes or CD's. The most employed method is to amplify the sound. But amplification is not the only method. Another method is "normalization".

 By definition, when you normalize, you set both channels of the stereo to same levels, thus, a channel, say left channel, with a lower level, will be increased to that same level as the other channel.

By experience, I found that audio files whose volume levels were increased through normalization, produced sounds that are loud but retains its quality.

While those of which the volume is increased through other methods are loud but are undesirable.

The option, though, is up to you. You can either normalize or amplify. Who cares, anyway. It's your file.

For this method, you will need an audio editing software. I would like to suggest using audacity because its free.

You can have it here:
Here are the methods:
1. First, open the music file you wish to normalize by hitting:
    File>Open and browse through the location of the music files. Once found, click OK.
2. Press ctrl+A to highlight all parts of the audio.
3. Click Effect>Amplifier>Normalize
4. Click OK.
5. Click File>Export
6. Type in the new name of the file
7. On the "save file type" drop down list, choose the desire format of the music file (i.e. mp3 files)
8. Hit "save".
9. Locate the music file and play. Enjoy.

Hope this helps.

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