Friday, July 29, 2011

How to embed fonts in MS Word Document (.docx) file?

How to embed fonts in MS Word Document (.docx) file ?

Okay. So it goes. You prepared a document in your computer using an MS Word 2007 or 2010 and produced a file in .docx format. You managed to format the document up to the tiniest bit of detail you wanted it to be. Just as you are convinced that you produced the perfectest output, the problem manifested itself: you cannot print the  document because either your printer ran out of ink or your printer went bad. (Mind you this isn't about repairing a printer.) So you convinced yourself to have it printed somewhere else. And, oh, before I miss including it, you forgot you're a Chinese and the document you had had Chinese characters. You had it printed using a computer WITHOUT those characters you need. So here it goes: you end up with a document with squares for characters and you're ruined.

One simple solution for this is to copy every fonts that you used in your document from your computer and install it to the computer of the person who will print your document (not to mention the hardship of convincing the non-Chinese guy to install all 67 Chinese font styles you used in your document.)

Another method is to convert the file into .pdf (portable document format) which is discussed in another post here.

But one quick and simple solution is to simply EMBED the fonts used in the document, in the document itself. Of course that would make the file size of the document larger than usual but it would surely save you of the trouble of installing the font manually or having your document flooded which bizarre square characters which is highly and extremely unreadable.


1. Click FILE

2. Click OPTIONS

3. After which you will see a dialog box like in the image below. Click SAVE.
4. You will then see options to the right part of the dialog box like the image below. Click the box to the left of the word "Embed fonts in the file". After which, more more boxes appear. Click the first box if you want the file size of your document to be smaller (otherwise your computer will embed even fonts not used in the documents producing a rather oddly larger file). Click on the second box if the operating system of your computer and the computer that will open the file is the same. Otherwise, if your uncertain, and you think that the other computer does not have the system fonts of your computer, uncheck it. Please refer to the image below.
5. Finally, click "OK" at the lower right hand corner of the dialog box. Voila. You're done. You can now open your file in computers that does not have the fonts used in your computer.

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  1. Wow! Simple when you know how! Thank you so much